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About GoPackets


GoPackets is USA based VoIP Phone Service Provider focused on small to medium-sized businesses in North America (USA and Canada).

The telephone service market exploded over the last several years as traditional telephone technology shifted from analog and digital voice to Voice over IP (VoIP). Most businesses and organizations are in the process of converting their older physical-based telephone systems to VoIP technology which provides many benefits and a rapid return on investment. GoPackets specializes in providing VoIP Phone Services and assisting companies in the transition whether they want to keep an existing telephone system, convert fully to VoIP, or somewhere in between.


get voip phone service now gopacketsVoIP Benefits over traditional telephone systems and telephone companies:


  • Lower monthly and/or annual costs
  • Improved features
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved flexibility
  • Maximum control over your communications
  • Changes can be made online from anywhere
  • Office moves are simplified
  • Working from home can easily be duplicated
  • Eliminates hardware support contracts
  • Reduces or eliminates expensive on-site support/truck rolls
  • Reduces cabling requirements
  • Call rates are lower than traditional telephone companies


These are just a few reasons to switch from your current telephone system or company. GoPackets makes it easy and provides the expertise you expect.


Are all VoIP Phone Services Providers like GoPackets?


Unfortunately not and there are many reasons why VoIP phone service providers are different. The core technology of VoIP is called SIP and has matured in much the same as the Internet. VoIP and SIP have become very well-defined and reliable when implemented properly by an experienced VoIP phone service provider with a well-chosen platform. GoPackets is very different in these important areas:


  • Experience - While the majority of VoIP providers are startups, the GoPackets owners and management have many years of VoIP experience.
  • Platform - Most VoIP providers utilize open-source IP PBX spin-ups in which the world knows software code. GoPackets uses a proprietary Softswitch platform for maximum security and reliability.
  • Protection - Most startups forgo any expensive protection systems such as an SBC and Toll Fraud control. The GoPackets platform integrates these protections directly into our Softswitch.
  • Reliability - Most startups have continuous downtime issues though their marketing says differently. GoPackets has true 99.999% uptime and provides an SLA.
  • Support - Most startups have reliability issues discussed above and their support is strained. GoPackets simply has fewer issues on our platform which means support is responsive when you need it.


VoIP Phone Service - smooth transition - gopacketsIf you're not happy with your current VoIP phone service provider, you most likely experienced one or more issues on a regular basis. This is not normal and the very reason GoPackets should be your VoIP Provider.


GoPackets can provide everything you need for a smooth VoIP transition!


GoPackets can not only provide a reliable, feature-filled platform for your VoIP telephone service, we also provide VoIP-related equipment like IP Phones, headsets,  business routers, firewalls, and switches. We truly are your one-stop shop for VoIP Phone service in the USA and Canada. Get started today by calling 855-YES-PACKETS or email us!