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Cloud VoIP Business Phone System Features


Hosted VoIP Phone System Features - GoPacketsGoPackets core features are more than adequate for most small to medium businesses, but we don't stop there! We have so many additional features that are included and most at no additional cost.

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GoPackets PBX and System Features


  • Free Intra-Domain Calls
  • Free Extension Calling
  • Free Ring/Hunt Groups
  • Free Audio Conference Rooms
  • Video Conference Meetings (*Optional Feature on basic and standard)
  • Free Paging Rooms
  • Free Auto Attendants
  • Free ACD/Agent Queues
  • Free IVR Nodes
  • Free Dial by Name Directory
  • Free Voicemail (Visual/Email)
  • Free Voicemail Escape
  • Free Voicemail to Email
  • Free Direct Voicemail Transfer
  • Fax to Email (*Optional Feature on basic and standard)
  • Email to Fax (*Optional Feature on basic and standard)
  • Fax with Voice Routing (*Optional Feature on basic and standard)
  • Free Shared Mailboxes
  • Free 3 Way Calling
  • Free Call Forwarding
  • Free Call Forward - Lost Registration
  • Free Call Transfer
  • Free Call Hold
  • Free Call Return
  • Free Call Waiting
  • Free Call Wake-up
  • Free Park Calls
  • Free DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • Free Virtual Switchboard (Auto Attendant/IVR)
  • Virtual Extensions (Optional Feature or a replacement to standard extension)
  • Free Hot Desking
  • Free Barge/Listen/Teach
  • PSTN / Mobile Calls
  • Free Shared Call Appearance
  • Free Night/After Hour Service Flags
  • Free Extension Monitor (BLF)
  • Wireless phone Support
  • Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) (Supported, but additional)
  • Call Recording (per extension) (*Optional Feature on basic and standard)
  • Free Caller ID (Mapping)
  • Free 911 CLI Mapping (May require the purchase of 911 registration service)
  • Free Music on Hold (MOH)
  • Free Programmable System/Star Codes
  • Free Phone Express Codes
  • Free Time Zone Assignments
  • Free Device Registration Diagnostic Information
  • Detection/Information
  • Free Single Extension/Multiple Devices
  • Free Phone Provisioning (Free to use by the customer if required)
  • Free Domain/Extension Address Books
  • Free CDR Records
  • Free Export CDR Records
  • Free Online/Portal Administration
  • Free System Alerts and Warnings


* All PBX features are configured via the online web interface and many features by phone.


To learn more about how our Cloud-based PBX and how the platform works, give us a call at 855-YES-PACKETS or email us at


PBX VoIP Functionality Explained


Free Internal Calls

All PBX VoIP internal calls are free of charge. Calls between remote offices, home workers, traveling workers home or abroad are all free of charge.


PSTN and Mobile Calling

Calls to local, national, mobile, and international telephone numbers from each extension. (International calls are billed additionally from standard plans)


Extension Calling

Call all other extensions in your company using the local extension number.


Virtual Switchboard (Auto Attendant)

The virtual switchboard can be configured to answer all calls before routing them to the required extension. Personalize your own recordings to tailor the virtual switchboard to your requirements.


Ring/Hunt Groups

Create Ring/hunt groups and map extensions to one or all of the 3 stages. Each stage can be configured to different ringing lengths in seconds. The final stage allows you to redirect the call to a PSTN/Mobile number, hunt group, shared mailbox, or auto attendant.


Hot Desking

Hot Desking allows you to go to another PBX VoIP phone in your customer's domain, dial a special code number and after authentication, your calls will be directed to that phone. Outbound calls will be identified as your extension and not the phone you are Hot Desking from.



The "barge" PBX functionality feature allows designated extension(s) to intercept another extension user's call and talk to both parties. The "listen" feature allows designated extension(s) to tap into an existing call and listen to the call. The "teach" feature allows designated extension(s) to tap into an existing call, listen to the call, and speak with the extension user without being heard by the other party.


Audio Conference Rooms

Create conference rooms so that people can have conference calls. You can join a conference room from any extension within your company, transfer calls into the conference room, or a telephone number pointing directly at a conference room for external access. For added security, you can assign a PIN.


Video Conferencing

Create a video conference meeting on your Chrome, Firefox, or Edge Internet browser utilizing WebRTC or from our white label Android and Apple smartphone apps. Includes features such as in-meeting chat, desktop sharing, virtual hand raise, muting, blur, share a YouTube video, and more. Supports up to 15 people in a meeting and unlimited streaming via popular services like YouTube, Facebook, and others utilizing the included OBS broadcasting software.


Shared Mailbox

Shared Mailboxes are used as the final destinations of a hunt group or auto attendant. A shared mailbox is assigned extensions of end-users who can access the mailbox.


Shared Call Appearance

For legacy customers who want the old style push button or key system functionality for lighted indication when someone is on hold or a line in use. Sometimes referred to as Shared Line Appearance or Shared Call Park. This feature is dependent on phone models.


Paging Rooms

The PBX Functionality can include a paging account type. This allows you to page a group of extensions with a one-way audio message.


Night Service Flags

Service Flags are used to switch the logic on for such features as hunt groups, auto attendants, etc. It acts as a switch (on or off); If the flag is on, then the call will bypass the current extension logic and route to the assigned PBX account. This is useful for functions such as leaving "out of office hours" messages.


Extension Monitor (BLF)

Allows phone lines or keys to monitor other extensions. By controlling the line/key LEDs, it will provide a physical indication of the other extension(s) status such as free, on the line, or ringing.


Wireless phone Support

It allows for the use of either traditional analog line wireless phones or SIP-based wireless phones. An analog telephone adapter (ATA) is required to convert VoIP to an analog line.


Analog Telephone Adapter support

Allows for most Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) to support legacy analog line equipment, such as analog phones, and telephone systems.


Auto Attendants

With your functionalities of Hosted PBX VoIP, your customers can set up auto attendant(s). This allows your customer professional greetings, voice menus, and digit options when called.


ACD Queue/Agent Groups

An agent group will queue calls for answering by telephone agents or operators. When an agent is located and available, the call is connected. During the wait, announcements can be played and acted upon by dialing input digits. Additional PBX VoIP features allow for announcement gaps, agent recovery, a number of agents designations, escalation agents, and agent choice by the longest idle or random.


Dial by Name Directory

Allows callers to input the name of an extension and get connected to that extension.



Each White Label Hosted PBX VoIP account comes with voicemail included. Includes Standard Voicemail, Visual Voicemail, and Voicemail to Email. Additional voicemail options include pin code, vacation access/permission by another extension, missed call notification, and announcement modes.


Voicemail Escape

Allows callers to escape out of a voicemail while it's playing the announcement. This option is configurable.


Voicemail to email or message waiting indicator (MWI)

Voicemail may be delivered by email as a "WAV" file attachment, the PBX functionality can send the IP phone a message waiting for an indicator (MWI) or both.


Direct Voicemail Transfer

Allow calls to be transferred directly to any extension's voicemail instead of the extension itself.


Call Recording

PBX VoIP extensions can be recorded and downloaded. (This option has an additional charge)


Fax to Email

A telephone (DID) number can be directed to our fax to email service.


Email to Fax

Emails can be directed to the fax account and automatically generate a fax to an outside number.


Fax with voice routing

Incoming calls to a PBX VoIP extension can check if the call is from a Fax machine or service, if not it will continue and ring the extension.


Caller ID  (CLI) Mapping/Anonymous

Each PBX VoIP extension can be assigned its own Caller ID number based on available telephone numbers (DID's) or be designates private/anonymous.


911 Caller ID Mapping/Registration

Allows each phone to be set with its own 911 registration information or simply use the same one for as many extensions as required.


Music on Hold (MOH)

It provides pre-recorded announcements or music to be played when someone is put on hold. This PBX functionality can be unique to each company.


3 Way Calling

Join 2 calls together with your call and have 3-way conversations. The joining calls can be an extension or an outside line.


CDR Records

View Call Data Records (CDR's) online whenever needed with this PBX functionality. It provides live records in real-time.


Call Forwarding

Configure the call forwarding destination via your IP phone or online through our web portal. Configure to call forward all calls, to forward when busy on another call, or to forward when there's no answer. It also includes timers and the ability to forward calls to a second phone or mobile phone number. Includes call forwarding on "Loss of Registration" to the desktop phone, solving the loss of Internet or damaged phone issues. 


Export CDR Records

Export Call Data Records (CDR's) online at any time. Configure CDR Templates to export the records.


Call Transfer

Transfer the call to another extension, an outside line, or a conference room.


Call Hold

Place the call on hold by pressing the on-hold button on your IP phone. The call put on hold can only be picked up by someone on the same phone.


Call Return

Dial a simple star code and the phone will dial the last number that called.


Call Waiting

It provides an audible indicator that another call is coming into your current phone conversation.


Call Wake-up

It provides the ability for the phone to ring at a designated time by using a simple system star code.


Online/Portal Administration

Configure the PBX functionality via the Internet with our online web interface.


Call Park and Pickup

Park calls so that they can be picked up by any other extension.


DND (Do Not Disturb)

Allows the phone to redirect all calls to voicemail.


Virtual Extensions

Allows a user to be part of the PBX without registering a phone, instead use your mobile phone or an external telephone number.


Programmable System Codes (Star * Codes)

It allows you to modify the standard Star (*) Codes for legacy telephone system customers. Configurable on a per-company basis.


Express Codes

Allows a PBX VoIP phone to be rebooted or reboot with the configuration from the keypad of the phone.


Time Zone Assignments

Each company can be set for its unique time zone. This improves time-based settings, alerts, and emails.


Registration Detection/Information

From your web-based portal, you can view each extension's registration to gather information such as the phone is registered or not, phone model, firmware revision, and IP/port information.


Single Extension/Multiple Devices

Our hosted PBX VoIP platform was designed to allow multiple devices to be registered to the same extension. Have a phone at the office, one at home, and more anywhere else sharing the same single extension.


Phone Auto Provisioning

Allows your phones, ATA's, and attendants (Side Car) to be provisioned with a single URL link. Graphical representation of the phone and keys/lines for programming. This PBX functionality lets you log details provide diagnostic results.


Address Books

The system provides two main address books, company, and local extension. The company address book is pushed to all phones in the company and the local is for an extension only.


CDR Records

CDR reporting, searching, and exportation are all available through the web portal.


Online/Portal Administration

You can administer your entire account or an individual company through our intuitive web portal.


System and Warning Alerts

Your web portal allows you to quickly find and monitor system alerts and warnings for every customer. It allows you to be proactive and responsive to your customers.


How does a Cloud VoIP PBX work?Still Unsure How a PBX Works or what it really is?


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