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Why Choose GoPackets


With so many choices for hosted VoIP business phone services we often get asked why would I choose GoPackets? You only have to check the search engines once and see millions of results all claiming to be the best and other familiar marketing points. Most businesses assume the technology is mature and everyone is using the same equipment, systems, and level of quality. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and it can be a catastrophe when you choose the wrong hosted VoIP provider as your communications partner. Most businesses, even in this modern time period still rely on their office phones for primary communications with customers and cellular phones are secondary. What would it be like if those services were down for a few hours, a day, or a few days? This happens more than most businesses realize. In some cases, it is not uncommon to think it is a new normal, and we just have to live with it. At GoPackets, we truly believe your phone service is our responsibility and understand how important it is for your growth and survival as a small to medium-size business. Every choice we make within our service has a direct outcome on your business, and we make sure we think of you first. It is our mission to help make you successful.


why choose gopackets - VoIP Phone ServiceOur customers most popular reasons to choose GoPackets for your VoIP Phone service


  1. Small Company Experience: There was a time when going with a big company was safe and no one ever got fired for that choice. Those days are gone and for good reasons. Big box VoIP providers and large telephone companies have become people processing plants. It's nearly impossible to figure out who to call with a problem and if found, you go through scripted menu after menu and more often than not get disconnected. Their technical support teams are outsourced from other countries reading scripted responses and the list goes on. GoPackets treats you like a local company and our support team is based in the USA and knowledgeable.

  2. Quality: Technically it makes a difference in how you as a VoIP provider design your system, what you choose for hardware, and the underlying traffic routes. These areas are a large percentage of how your VoIP service will provide reliability, good audio quality, and minimal downtime. Many startup VoIP providers have to make cuts in these areas in order to start and keep the service going. GoPackets does not cut corners and put our customers at risk.

  3. Competitive Rates: There are plenty of VoIP providers out there selling VoIP Phone service at ridiculous rates. It gives the impression that every other VoIP provider is trying to take advantage of their customers. You simply cannot provide a quality service at an unsustainable low rate. We see so many of these companies disappear overnight and leave their customers in trouble. GoPackets chooses quality and reliability over everything else.

  4. Features: GoPackets is loaded with features that most small to medium businesses will ever need and the majority of them are at no extra cost.

  5. Reliability: We put this last because it is actually the most important reason for any VoIP phone service, but often the most overlooked criteria for choosing a service. The reason it is often overlooked is due to marketing where every provider uses the same copied language from a provider who actually delivers reliability. No one is going to know except their customers. GoPackets for all the reasons above delivers true 99.999% uptime and is backed by an SLA. We know our internal choices are always based on our customers first, and it shows in our true reliability.


why gopackets - Hosted VoIP Phone ServiceIf you are looking for a stable and final place to host your Phone, SIP Trunking, or Fax services, then GoPackets is your clear choice. Give us a call or email and let us help your company be the best that it can be!